Tímea got engaged with the wedding world 12 years ago.

She photographed weddings all around the world, visited places she had never imagined.
Loves that photography opens windows to different nations, cultures and religions. Allows her to step into the celebrations of families and generations, get to know their stories, their lives sometimes for 1 day, sometimes for years.
She is passionate of weddings, from all the small details to emotions, from the decoration to the fun parties.

Winner of Wedding Industry Awards 2012 as the Wedding Photogapher of the Year.
Winner of Wedding Industry Awards 2013 Value Prize.
Besides photographing numerous weddings a year she is the co-organiser of the Charity Wedding in Hungary.
She teaches wedding photographers at workshops in Hungary and abroad, helds lectures at conferences, universities.
Co-organiser of photographer meetings, free photography events.
Was member of jury in the wedding photographers competition (Wedding Photogapher of the Year) in 2013.

She is married and mother of Áron and Tiana.